The Bowen Technique Training

i1The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (B.T.A.A.) offers a training program nationally accredited by the Australian government and by many other countries (New Zeeland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Canada, some states in the USA). We favor a modular system consisting of 4 x 4 day seminars of training, taking you from the introductory module through to your accreditation. Thousands of students have  already undertaken Academy training and have appreciated this modular format.

i2In-depth experience
The 4 training seminars offer the student adequate time to assimilate the material presented, to gain good understanding through practical experience and a chance to experience the effectiveness and therapeutic potential of the Bowen Technique on their own body. Our promise to you is that if you use the Bowen Technique in the way we demonstrate it, the most outstanding results can be achieved.

Outstanding course material
Students receive the most comprehensive and detailed training manuals, with charts and explanatory notes, translated in all the languages of the countries were seminars are organized.

i3On-going training and support
Even after your accreditation as a Bowen practitioner, we offer post-graduate training by way of “specialized” Bowen courses. The specialized work is very profound and part of the learning process, which not only enhances your practical skills but also deepens your understanding and appreciation of Tom Bowen’s work. There is also a supporting network of over 100 qualified instructors worldwide who may be contacted for advice.

Our supportive network
As a Bowen Academy student, you become part of a much bigger “community”. We like to think that you don’t just attend a course but that you become part of a family that is ever growing and into which you become an important part. You will then belong to a group of people, get to know them, relay on and who will provide support for you. We share common goals and objectives; we share our years of knowledge and aim to give you the best start we can in your career as a Bowen practitioner.

A significant experience
When people train in the Bowen technique they often find that it is a turning point in their life; a deeply profound and significant experience. Our instructors have already experienced this turning point and we are committed to ensuring that you get the most from your training and that it is enjoyable and memorable for you.

We make it simple
Although Bowen is a dynamic and profound technique, we aim to keep the training as simple as possible. Too many people like to complicate the learning process and make the technique ‘sophisticated’ and ‘mystic’ in some way, perhaps even offering their own interpretation of it. Tom Bowen’s philosophy was just the opposite; to keep things simple, but at the same time ‘do the simple things well’.
We make sure that The Bowen Technique is taught simply.